Artificial intelligence

Client-specific overlays may include: customer’s location, branches and ATMs, demographics, drive/ walking-time zones, loans/ mortgages geocoded transactions, cash withdrawals and more. Predictive analytics used for site location, risk and competitive analysis

Machine learning

Use cases include risk assessment, policy capacity, assess solvency, monitor large scale claim areas and resource optimization. Machine learning used to predict natural and man-made threats such as crop failures, early flood warning, transportation vulnerabilities. Client, third party and public data used as training sets



We optimize supply chains, evaluate neighboring environments for new sites, predict economic growth, housing expansion, road and transportation development, and all elements needed for decisions on where to invest in retail and its support structures. We have mapped supply chain opportunities in the developing world for major CPG companies

Spatial analysis

We use technology to measure traffic estimates, footfalls, roads, new construction,  shortest path and routing algorithms, network flow, facility location, and land use-transportation interaction problems. Mobile based techniques for municipal measures such as journey to work studies


Digital image/ video processing

Create and/or manage landbase information, geocode prospects and/or customers, understand, design and implement models for retail roll-out strategies, understand and follow-up competitor networks’ topology, numbering plans, regulatory affairs, customer potential, roll-out, key target areas, customer profiling, etc. Model scenarios for different network roll-outs or marketing campaigns. Prepare commercial national coverage plans or coverage expansion models


Finding services based on location, using location to improve (network) services, using location to provide information such as tourist guides, location based events, location based security apps, site location based on time of day traffic.  Location based marketing and advertising