Paul Donato Giving Keynote at the Location Intelligence Conference

"Paul Donato is the Executive VP and Chief Research Officer for Nielsen. Appointed to this position in April 2007, Paul is responsible for integrating research functions within Nielsen, overseeing the development and evaluation of research, and serving as Nielsen's research liaison to clients and industry associations. Partnering with product leaders and client service leaders. Paul is also responsible for leading a team of scientists in exploring innovative methods such as pattern recognition and satellite imagery to measure consumer behavior in the developing world.

Paul joined the company as Senior Vice President and Chief Research Officer of Nielsen Media Research in 2000. Prior to joining Nielsen, Paul served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Kantar Media Research beginning in 1998. Prior to that Paul has served in executive positions at Audit & Surveys, Simmons Market Research Bureau and Arbitron.

The title of his presentation was "140 Characters to 140 Terabytes."

Paul Donato And The Final Frontier

This story begins with a team of geospatial intelligence experts poring over satellite images on a computer screen. I wasn’t in the room, but the way it was described to me, I imagine it like a scene out of “Homeland.”

The analysts are huddled around a computer, pointing at shapes and motions on the screen, which represent the movement and activities of people on the ground in some remote part of the world who are being observed distantly, in real-time and without their knowledge…


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